A pint of free from please…

A group of us were sitting around over a few beers one evening. We’d all grown up in the world of drinks – different backgrounds but common values on what’s “right” (and wrong of course). One of us – we’re still arguing about who – commented that gluten free beer was basically only available in bottles.

We dug a bit deeper, and realised that not only were the GF beers hidden behind the bar, but those on offer were just versions of well known (and to be fair, some well loved) brands. Nothing wrong with that, but it did seem a bit of a compromise: if you want gluten free, then you can’t have the original when it’s your choice?

And that got us really thinking…

…What if we could create a beer that was gluten free, didn’t compromise on flavour that could be enjoyed by everyone.

So, that’s how The Free From Beer Co. came about: great gluten free flavouresome IPA and pilsner lager, brewed free from compromise first for draught, but fab for cans and bottles too.

Of course, the more we looked into gluten free beer, the more we found that some of the best draught beers (that’s ales and lagers) are brewed by small brewers committed to brewing gluten free because they passionately believe that going gluten free makes for better beer. We’re persuaded of the same view, and like them we particularly love that coeliac intolerant beer drinkers can enjoy our beers just as much as everyone else.

Hence we want our Session IPA and Pilsner Lager to be available across the UK, in pubs and bars where gluten free food is probably already called out within the menu or hidden in a bottle in a fridge – and sometimes even on a separate GF menu – but where matching your food choice to a pint of gluten free IPA or lager hasn’t been possible up ‘til now.

Free From beer is a game changer.

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