The Free From Beer Co. Goes Up Against Gluten-Free Bottle Spin Offs

Refusing to compromise on taste, original Free From Beer Co. chosen as Asda’s FIRST gluten-free can

With ‘free from’ continuing to trend upwards and sales of gluten-free beers growing this year, a new gluten-free beer brand The Free From Beer Co. launches on 23rd Sept in Asda. It is The Free From Beer Co.’s first move into the off trade, having been launched nationally in 2018 on draught through bars and pubs. The NPD will be placed in Asda’s Free From aisle alongside bottled gluten-free versions of established beer brands and will be the first canned gluten-free beer offering chosen by the retailer. Eight x 330ml cans of Session Pilsner and Session IPA will roll out in over 100 Asda stores, with more listings pre-Christmas and in time for Veganuary – both the IPA and pilsner are vegan.

The Free From Beer Co. is essentially a craft, gluten-free range with the brews taking longer than industrial beers through the brewing process, which removes gluten by using a completely natural enzyme added into the brewing process, breaking it down during fermentation. These craft beers may take longer to brew but result in crisp and refreshing beers, free of gluten (less than 15ppm) and with an abv of 4.8%.

Some retailers have included gluten-free beer in the Free From aisles, whilst others are incorporating gluten-free beers within the main beer fixture.  The simplicity of the brand name, ‘The Free From Beer Co.’ is designed to work in both the main and the Free From fixture, carrying the ‘free-from’ message to mainstream consumers as they look increasingly for alternatives to support flexitarian lifestyles.

Co-founder Mike Sears said: “My son Tom and I, together with our On Trade Sales Director, came up with the idea of taking the ‘free from’ message from the back of the bar – where gluten-free versions of major brands have been offered as a ‘service line’ in bottles for coeliacs, to a draught IPA and pilsner on the front of the bar”. Sears observes, “We’ve been delighted with consumer and trade response and the move into the take home trade is a reflection of our confidence that great-tasting, gluten-free beers are a great way to combine the benefits of gluten-free and craft. Some of the best ales and lagers in the UK are brewed by craft brewers committed to brewing gluten-free because they passionately believe that going gluten-free makes for better beer. We agree, hence the “free from compromise” tagline, which features on the cans”.

The Free From Beer Co. has gluten-free certification, with rigorous testing conducted at a UKAS-accredited laboratory to ensure the beer is eligible for gluten-free certification. Sales of gluten-free beer have increased by 40% over the last two years, with experts predicting a further 50% to come.