Whilst between us we reckon to know quite a bit about drinks, we certainly won’t make the same claim to be experts when it comes to food. However, we do know someone who is, and we thought it would be helpful to suggest some recipe ideas – gluten free of course – that will go well with our beers.

We have teamed up to collaborate with Tansy Austin to create a few dishes to get our food pairing.

Here’s a bit more about Tansy… 

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I moved to the South Coast of England to start a Mexican Cantina with my Irish boyfriend. We called the Cantina “Las Margaritas” For ten years, I made tamales, soft corn tacos, mole and authentic Aztec stews for the people of Poole.

Along with classic Mexican meat dishes our menu always featured meat, gluten and dairy free dishes. “Free-From Food” that tasted authentic. Food that didn’t need a long list of special ingredients, but still looked amazing on the plate.

Following the sale of Las Margaritas I continue to work locally. I provide outside catering to private clients. I create menus and cook for a variety of local businesses. My focus is always on providing recipes and ingredients that are inclusive to all. Recipes that are either free from or offer comprehensive free from options.

I love food to be an adventure but not overly complicated. I create food that is eclectic drawing on different cultures and unusual ingredients.
At the same time I create food that is easy to prepare, packed with flavour and looks gorgeous on the plate.

Why not try the following recipe. Best served with a cold glass of Free From Beer.



60 grams of butter melted

45 grams of gluten free flour

150 mls of I.P.A

250 grams of cheddar

To make the rarebit melt the butter add the gluten free flour and mix to a smooth paste. Add the beer then stir in the cheese. Cook until the cheese is melted and you have a thick sauce.

Top two slices of cornbread with cheese mix. Add cooked beef brisket.

Place under the grill until brown and bubbling.

Serve with pickles.