Baja Fish Tacos Two Ways

Masa Harina, or dough from corn, was used the by the Aztecs as far back as the 15th century. Corn is finely ground, cooked in water with slaked lime, and then ground and dried again. Mixed with water, or sometimes oil, it forms the dough called “masa” that is used to make corn tortillas.

Soft corn tacos can be filled and served with a variety of fillings both traditional and non- traditional.

This fish taco hails from the state of Baja California in Mexico. Fill the tortillas with mild white fish such as cod or Tipila, coat in a tempura style gluten-free batter, and top with colourful Latin-inspired slaws and dips.

To make a truly eclectic vegan version I have used tinned Banana blossoms, a fibrous banana flower that makes an impressive fish substitute.

I serve my tacos with a celeriac and apple slaw, guacamole, and pink onions.

Feel free to choose your own toppings. If you can’t find gluten free corn tacos in the supermarket you can purchase them online From Cool Chile company or MX Supermarket

Banana Blossom Tacos
(You can use this recipe for either the fish or the banana blossom)

1 x 280gr tin of Banana Blossom drained chopped into 4-inch strands

Or 250 gr of cod

3 tbs of Limejuice

250g doves farm gluten free flour, plus extra for dusting the fish

1 tsp gluten free baking powder

250 ml of the free from beer company session I.PA

Salt to season


Slaw or salad

8 Gluten free corn tortillas

Drain the Banana blossom and marinate in the limejuice for an hour

Mix the flour, and baking powder

Add the beer whisking to form a batter

Season with salt

Pat the blossom dry using paper towel;

Shape into small fish fillets .

Coat the banana blossom in flour

Cover with batter and then drop into hot oil and fry till golden brown.

Serve with warm corn tortillas, and your choice of toppings.