If you are a hosting a Christmas do this year, catering for gluten free guests can be easy with a few simple tricks.

Instead of using breadcrumbs in the stuffing, substitute brown rice, dried cranberries and crushed gluten free tortillas. Make the Christmas gravy with corn flour instead of wheat- flour. (Once you have added a lug of sherry or wine nobody will notice the difference!) Stock up on gluten-friendly snacks, olives, vegetable crisps, crudities and dips.

When it comes to Christmas baking, Florentines, an Italian biscuit made with flaked almonds’ dried fruit and chocolate are a Christmas classic.

Instead of fruit cake, a Clementine and almond cake makes a lovely Christmassy centrepiece. Or make a big blousy Pavlova and garnish it with pistachios and pomegranate seeds – Lighter than Christmas pudding but just as impressive!

Festive breakfast and brunch dishes combine well with a hearty Bubble and Squeak. For a show-stopping Christmas breakfast, make gluten free pancakes or drop scones with a mince pie filling. Top them with brandy butter or cream, and garnish with a cranberry apple compote.  To serve as a canapé, these can be cut into blini sizes.   Perfect with mulled wine or a gluten free beer.

Mince Pie Pancakes

200 grams Doves farms gluten free flour

1 tsp gluten free baking powder

1 egg whisked

1 tbs greek yougurt

300 ml milk

Gluten free mince pie filling.

Brandy butter or cream to serve.

Vegetable oil for frying

Measure out the flour and baking powder. Add all the wet ingredients except the mince pie filling and brandy butter

Mix to form a thick batter and let sit for ten minutes.

Spoon small circles of the mix into a lightly oiled non-stick pan and cook

until the pancake starts to bubble a little –  this means one side is done.

Add a teaspoon of mince pie filling and turn the pancake over to cook on the other side. To serve, garnish with brandy butter or cream. To make blinis cut small circles out with a pastry cutter, and top with cream.