Veggies Take On A Starring Role On Our Plates

2020-01-30T09:27:24+00:0030th January 2020|

The interest in Vegan, Flexitarian and Plant- Based meals has created a new passion for preparing and experimenting with vegetables. I like my plant based food to be made with ingredients that I recognise. This might be because I am a passionate cook and I love trying to recreate or create my own, or I am just so thrilled when the humble carrot becomes smoked salmon and watermelon becomes sashimi or salmon Cauliflower has a brand new starring role. Not just boiled with a dab of butter or served in a cheese sauce, now in its new guise as a starring vegetable it can be grated to become cauliflower rice, deep fried into buffalo wings, or served in a thick seasoned wedge as steak. It can even be magically transformed into a gluten free pizza base. Celeriac is another rising star. Loved by fans of the Keto diet, celeriac is easily transformed into chips, mash, noodles, or steaks. If you have the time and inclination you can even turn it into pastrami. Mushrooms too are coming out of the closet or dark room and showing their true potential.  Trumpet or giant oyster mushrooms make incredible faux scallops with very little Read more