Every good story starts in the pub.

A group of us were sitting around over a few beers one evening. We’d all grown up in the world of drinks – different backgrounds but common values on what’s “right” (and wrong of course). One of us – we’re still arguing about who – commented that gluten-free beer was basically only available in bottles, and that the bottles were hidden from view at the back of the bar. Like some sort of secret.

We dug a bit deeper, and realised that not only were the gluten-free beers hidden, but those on offer were just versions of well known (and to be fair, some well loved) brands. Nothing wrong with that, but it did seem a bit of a compromise: if you want gluten free, then you can’t have the original when it’s your choice?

And that got us really thinking…

…What if we could create a beer that was gluten-free, didn’t compromise on flavour that could be enjoyed by everyone.

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Putting great tasting gluten-free beers on the front of the bar where they belong.

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